Asthma and Covid-19

COVID-19 booster vaccines – we’re nearly there!

The JCVI, the body who advise the government on vaccine prioritisation, have published their interim guidance on who should get a COVID-19 booster jab.

We have been calling for everyone with asthma who is eligible for a free flu jab to be on the list for a COVID-19 booster, and thousands of you have backed our campaign.

We have shown how hundreds of thousands of people with asthma who were most at risk did not get their jab when they should. We have also shone a light on emerging research showing that people with asthma could be at an increased risk of hospitalisation and getting long COVID.

We’re delighted that the government has listened. The interim advice suggests that people with asthma on the free flu jab list will be offered the COVID-19 booster vaccine.

If the booster rollout does go ahead in the autumn, we want to see this interim advice made official and we will be pushing for it to be confirmed as soon as possible.

Thank you to everyone who has taken action and watch this space for more information on COVID-19 vaccines.

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3 months ago

I understand that the covid 19 jabs 1+2 were given to those on a medical rating which I thought was truly unfair, my hubby is on said list so we were both shielded but I got my 1st jab 3 was after him, I have Asthma so was worried stressed and scared for us both and I’m truly grateful for the effort that you have put in to help this happen, I feel very very nervous yet, I used to love shopping but Now I panic, my anxiety is screaming get out even now as people just don’t care about the distancing.

chris hatton
chris hatton
2 months ago

MADNESS that people with asthma were not prioritised for the first 2 jabs as the diseases ATTACKS / DESTROYS THE LUNGS!!!! I have only just had my 2nd jab. So hopeful this interim advice is finally listened to and booster is provided to asthmatics who usually get the flu jab.