Pollution as an asthma trigger

Around two thirds of people with asthma tell us that poor air quality makes their asthma worse, putting them at risk of an asthma attack. Pollution can quickly irritate your airways and trigger asthma symptoms. This is why it’s so important to manage your asthma well when pollution levels are […]


Keeping your home well aired

Keeping your home well aired can help to reduce exposure to some common indoor triggers (although be cautious on high pollen and high pollution days). Airing your home also helps to keep humidity down. This is good news if you’re worried about dust mites, which like humid conditions. Check out […]

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Grass pollen and asthma

Around 95% of people’s hay fever is triggered by grass pollen, which tends to be highest between mid-May and July. And there’s strong evidence that when grass pollen levels are high, people with asthma are more likely to need hospital treatment.  This is why it’s important to know what pollen triggers your symptoms, so you can be prepared […]